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November Special Services in Stourdene
Stourdene Benefice Soundcloud services have been very well received and have reached a congregation far far greater than the sum of our Benefice congregations.  It is very exciting and very adaptable and appropriate to our times. Since Easter, along with many churches we have been exploring new ways of being a worshipping church which is accessible even in lockdown and the like.  We are constantly reviewing how and whether these can still provide a resource to those who miss worshipping in church but also hoping to reach out to those who would not choose or were unable to get to the worship pattern we already had or the ‘masked’ version which is available at present or the Zoom services which some are still appreciating.  Therefore having had another short break we have the following Soundcloud services planned for November.

1st November - A Service of Remembering and Celebrating: At this season we would normally have a gathered time to remember loved ones and the weight of need for such a theme this year is greater still.  We invite you to be ready with a candle and tea lights and matches as the service will invite you to light a candle to represent God’s presence even in the darkest times.  We will also invite you to light the tea lights to remember the special people in your life who have died.

29 November: Stourdene Benefice Worship: Please keep an eye on the Stourdene e-newsletter, The Grapevine, which you can sign up to on our website and receive weekly.  We are planning a service which we hope will invite you to commit to ‘meet’ as a rule of six in whichever way is appropriate to our times - in person, on Zoom, in phone calls.  Ideally this will not be your usual crowd but reach out to those who are from different congregations, different age groups, occasional visitors or even never in our church buildings.  The service will be constructed in such a way that is not ‘done in under an hour’ but invites you and your rule of six by prompts to explore the Bible, faith and worship together.  We will also be inviting you to find creative ways to let us and others know where this exploration takes you.  If you need help in forming a rule of six, please contact Sharon on sharon.goble@btinternet.com and she will try to match you up!