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Would you like to be confirmed?


Confirmation is a milestone opportunity to own your Christian faith publicly and for the Bishop to pray for you to be filled with the Holy Spirit as you step into the next stage of your journey of Christian faith and explore your calling further.  It is an Anglican choice which may be to affirm what was promised at your baptism by your parents and godparents, or an independent choice which can be combined with baptism as an adult.  It is worth taking some time to prepare for confirmation and to that end I would like to gather those interested together as it is more fun with friends!  There are other options in Coventry diocese, but there will be an opportunity to be confirmed more locally at a Confirmation Service, led by Bishop Christopher, on Sunday, June 23rd at 4.00 pm at Tysoe Church.  If you are interested, please contact Sharon before Easter 2019 for an initial chat and discernment of when a preparation group might be best timed for you with a view to getting confirmed in June.

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Would you like to be confirmed?

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