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Thy Kingdom Come

In these difficult times, we are unable to worship in the usual way.  For the past 2 years the Stourdene Benefice has had a prayer station in each of our 6 churches and people have been encouraged to engage with these during the 10 days of ‘Thy Kingdom Come’.  As our churches are currently closed, as well as our recorded Sunday services that are put together by members of the Benefice, we would like to invite you at this time to be involved in Thy Kingdom Come 2020 in the following two ways:


Pray Together


Praying together for people to come to know the love, hope and peace found in Christ is at the heart of Thy Kingdom Come. Why not commit to joining us in saying the Lord’s Prayer at 4.30pm or 8.30pm each day.

Pray for Friends


Since Thy Kingdom Come was launched by the Archbishops of Canterbury and York in 2016, Christians from 172 countries and 65 denominations have taken part in praying for friends and family to come to faith in Jesus Christ. As the Lord Jesus ascended, He promised the gift of the Holy Spirit to enable the disciples to be witnesses. As they waited for the promise to be fulfilled, they devoted themselves constantly to prayer (Acts 1:14). So, the renewed call across the church is for each of us to pray for 5 people to come to know the love and peace of Jesus Christ. We invite you to choose 5 people to pray for throughout the 10 days of Thy Kingdom Come. Use the following prayer of commitment to help you to pray for the 5 people you have chosen.
Loving Father, in the face of Jesus Christ your light and glory have blazed forth. Send your Holy Spirit that I may share with [put the 5 names in here] the life of your Son and your love for all. Strengthen me as a witness to that love as I pledge to pray for them, for your name’s sake. Amen.
Further information and resources on ‘Thy Kingdom Come’ are available at thykingdomcome.global
If you haven’t already had the chance to do so, why not listen to the Stourdene Benefice Service for Sunday 17th May, which has Thy Kingdom Come as its theme. It is available to access on the Benefice website (stourdene.org). You can listen at a time to suit you but you are invited to listen with us on Sunday 17th at 11am.

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Thy Kingdom Come